Customize the size of the meeting screen by dragging the borders to an optimal size. Also, the window location can be moved. ConnectUs will remember your customized size and location.

Also supported is full screen using the display of your choice. Go to the Dashboard Settings/Video Settings section.

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Screen Share Instructions

This Help screen will only display upon first use but may be accessed anytime by clicking the Help icon.

Install screen share extension—When first using the screen share function you will need to install an extension. This is only a one-time event. Follow the instructions; Then close any remaining browser tabs. Close the screen share application and start it again. This time the screen share application will be active, and you can share an application window or full screen. A whiteboard function is available in each mode.

Sharing an application—The easiest thing to share is an application or an application screen. You will have access to full whiteboard functions as well so all participants in the meeting can select a color and draw. If any party in the meeting wants to save the screen along with the drawing, simply click the camera icon in the upper right portion of the screen. The erase function allows you to erase a portion of your drawing. Click on the trash can to quickly erase the entire drawing. To exit, click the screen share icon or the red X in the upper left corner.

Sharing your entire screen—If sharing an application with multiple screens and sub-screen, it is easier to share your entire screen. Perhaps you want to share a website with multiple tabs and pages; full screen is a better choice because it lets you navigate around the site. The drawback of full screen mode is the whiteboard navigation is more difficult, but we will explain that in the next section. Providing access to your entire desktop is not really what you want to do so we paint a black screen and share that. Then you can access a single application or browser from your taskbar and navigate that site all you want. The remote side will see a shadow as they will be looking at both their browser window as well as yours. Sharing your entire screen is best done in full screen mode on both the send and receive sides as the receiver window is slightly smaller than the sender. Full screen minimizes that effect.

Sharing your entire screen while using the whiteboard function—Sharing full screen while using the whiteboard presents some challenges and limitations. First, only the presenter may draw on the screen. Second, the white board function can’t be active at the same time you are moving from screen to screen, so we made it easy for you to swap from moving around to whiteboarding and back. After you get used to it, you will love the functionality.

Start the full screen mode as you normally do. When you are ready for the whiteboard function, click the white board icon in the upper left corner. (It looks like a monitor with some squiggly lines on it.) A small reminder help screen appears. Click ok to dismiss it. You are now in whiteboard mode and you can toggle between navigating through your application and drawing on a page. First, go to the taskbar and select your application. You can now navigate from page to page. When you are ready to draw, simply click anywhere on the black border surrounding your application display. The whiteboard controls display, and you have full drawing capabilities. (Really what has happened is we have taken a picture of the screen and now you can draw on the picture). Either party may save the drawing by clicking the camera icon. When you are ready to move to another screen, simply click the app from the taskbar again. This will cancel the whiteboard and allow you to continue navigating from page to page. When you’re ready to resume drawing, simply click on the black border and you’re ready to draw again. You can continue toggling between draw and navigate as long as you want. When finished, click the red X in the upper left of the screen to close the whiteboard; Then close the screenshare.

To view this screen in the future, use the Help icon